The Midnight Slide

by Rainboard



First studio effort by a fine couple of fellows. Recorded at both our mountainous homes around Salmo, B.C. Canada in the winter of 2013. Limited Editon Cassette and downloads available here:


released May 6, 2013




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Rainboard Salmo, British Columbia

Rainboard is Tom Reimer (guitar, vocals) and Lyndon Schiewe (drums)

Our sound has big guitars, intricate driving drums and subtle vocal melodies with effects and drones. We are influenced by noisey 90's rock but have our own distinct rock sound which comes from many elements. We call it 'Cathartic Rock' because the music seems to seep out of us still after so many years of being around music
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Track Name: Your Mind, My Mind
I need to do more
Your mind in my mind
The midnight slide
with the howls below
We gathered and sowed
But you tossed it, away
Track Name: Teenaged Angst of a Forty Year Old aka The Awkward Song
That's not what you told me
Why don't you just tell me
What you mean
It's a sticky situation
Like wearing blues jeans to a crap shoot
It's all over me
Track Name: Outside Topside
The skyline's last light,
Isn't it radiant?
Look at it's gradient.

Like you'll be, eventually
In the light, in the light

Parabolic swells beneath,
Darkness grabbing from the deep.
Top side, smooth lines
Must get top side
Track Name: Lament For Lost Tricks
You know it, doesn't seem right
But it is,
It's gone.
I had it . . .

It's easier to say, no way.
Finding the high lights,
In the low light.
Home again . . .

Momentus occasions,
In quiet locations.
Solid cackles and
Rolls away . . .
Track Name: Mating Calls
Mating calls on you
Research papers
One and two

A hard line is
Clear and defined.
It's a small space,
Six by nine.

and I don't have it . . .
Track Name: Thought Blocker
You have my hat
Upon my head
I want it back
Do you understand that
Comprehension - thanks for that.
Track Name: Forever Man pt. ii
Through ages past,
My eyes have last.
And you may ask,
What have I seen.
I can see . . .
Forever . . .
Has the time come for me at last?
No I will be . . .
Forever . . .